You Make a Difference

You Make a Difference

The You Make a Difference Award is presented to staff members whose exemplary actions support students, colleagues and the mission of Salina Public Schools. Recipients of these awards receive a lapel pin and a handwritten note personally delivered by a board of education member. 

February 9, 2021

Tomasa Dominguez, Custodial Staff
South High School

Tomasa is always willing to step in and help with whatever is needed. At the beginning of the year she saw a new student who likely needed help with directions. When offers of assistance in English did not help, she assisted in Spanish, providing much needed directions and support. Thank you for making a difference Tomasa! 

Marci Ramsey, Instructional Assistant
Oakdale Elementary School

Marci’s flexibility impresses everyone around her. Regardless of changing tasks and schedules, she always shows up with a smile and a great attitude. She provided one-on-one support to students in a quarantined class and follows up with students she’s worked with in the past. Thank you, Marci, for making a difference!

Rosemary Geering, Instructional Assistant
Cottonwood Elementary School

When students work with Rosemary, they know they are loved and that she believes in them. A skilled seamstress, she has generously made hundreds of masks for staff and students. The world needs more selfless and caring adults like Rosemary, said a Cottonwood colleague. Thank you for making a difference, Rosemary!

Laura Hinca, Administrative Assistant
Central High School

Laura is known for her efforts on behalf of staff and students – they are considered tireless. She is described as a true inspiration to others; someone driven to find answers to problems. Laura is willing to do whatever is needed to help everyone in her building. Thank you for making a difference Laura!

Cassi Owen, Math Teacher
Lakewood MS

Cassie is a natural leader among her colleagues, demonstrated when she planned and delivered a schoolwide lesson to Lakewood faculty about the second quarter hybrid schedule. Her leadership reduced stress and frustration for both faculty and students, helping to smooth the transition to the new hybrid schedule. Thank you, Cassie, for making a difference!

Dynelle Ceja, Attendance Secretary
Central High School

Dynelle works in the attendance office, performing duties and monitoring truancy. But since COVID-19 emerged, she provides critical support to the school nurse, tracking illness-related absences, updating data and communicating with Spanish speaking parents/guardians. Thank you for making a difference, Dynelle!

Julie Work, Receptionist/Switchboard
South High School

Julie is known for her ability to multi-task, effectively and effortlessly. She often comes in early or stays late to help colleagues, connects with students so they are at ease in the office, schedules subs, types reports and answers phones – all with a professional and calm manner. Thank you for making a difference, Julie! 

Brian Bell, 5th Grade Teacher
Stewart Elementary School

Brian’s kindness and connections with his students are memorable. He follows up with former fifth graders, sending them notes of encouragement to support their first year at middle school. His thoughtfulness and kind acts result in Brian being a beloved and productive teacher. Thank you, Brian, for making a difference!

Lynn Boxman, Instructional Assistant
Sunset Elementary School

Lynn is known to go above and beyond. She graciously accepts a variety of different tasks, and consistently completes them on time and with accuracy. If she completes her work she always offers her assistance to others to help make their jobs or day better. Thank you, Lynn, for making a difference!